- Each Nev Company Establishment, Break-Up, Mergers, Company of the General Assembly, Tax Courts, Reconciliation, Audit, Tax Management, Incentives, Credit Files. 

- Establishment of accounting systems, and controls to ensure functioning. 

- Tax and other relevant legislation and accounting standards in compliance with Uniform keeping of accounting records, reporting, related to the submission of reports. 

- Balance sheet, profit and loss statement, reports, statements and other documents to make the process of assessment will be arranged. 

- Fixed assets in legislation to keep accounting records, inventory, and report submission has been. 

- TMS of the accounting records have been made to check compliance. 

- Small and medium-sized enterprises for the selection of a computerized accounting software programs and accounting systems to generate the infrastructure. 

- Advising on accounting practices. 

- Belongs to the payroll costs of operating personnel, the preparation of reckoning, to be presented to employers to be signed by workers. 

- Monthly premium and service documents to be forwarded to accrue to the company. 

- Engage staff to make the process of entering work. 

- Retirement of staff quit, and the calculation of compensation İhbar business about leaving the IAB, notification and all other documents to be prepared. 

- Work on Legislation to SGK and counseling. 

- VAT, monthly and quarterly Condensed and Provisional Tax, Corporate Tax Declaration of annual income and preparation, to the control and assessment, to be presented to taxpayers of Accrual Voucher. 

- Advising on the tax legislation. 

- Of real and legal entities to open new obligation.

- Main contract to prepare the company for all kinds of, Chamber of Commerce, Tax Department, SGK and other relevant authorities to make the application, obligation plant operations and achieve results. 

- Branch real and legal entities, such as storage and a liaison office to the other branch establishments opening and closing operations. 

- SGK, business, tax and other legislation related to counseling in general. Against the risk of taxpayers likely to face over time to provide early warning. Process to provide information on retirement, to help. 

- Investment reduction, incentives such as tax reductions and exemptions for taxpayers would be in favor of the taxpayer to inform, guide and help and to conduct transactions. 

- Accounting staff to educate taxpayers prevention, control of education by then, the front of accounting to ensure flawless operation. 

- According to the taxpayers of their transaction volume, and calculate the potential tax burden, to inform, freight tax reduction and exemptions legal rights to information about themselves. 

- The tax cases on behalf of the taxpayer must make the necessary investigation and preparation of the necessary evidence, the decisions of the Council on similar issues to collect e.g. documents ; cases to prepare the petition. An advisor to the taxpayer to the trial stage. 

- Tax e.g. referee in case, make the necessary examinations and to provide expert opinion to the court. 

- Capital growth, equity determination e.g. make the necessary review by experts on issues and capacity to prepare and report to relevant authorities to offer.





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